Online Personal Training

What is it?

Online training is perfect for gym goers needing that push and accountability to hit their fitness goals.

With online training, our trainers design an online accessible training program similar to that of our In House Training. The only difference, you follow the workouts on your own.

Most of our clients are gym members, however workouts can be constructed for either in gym or at home workouts, depending on clients.

Additionally, our trainers construct a nutrition program accessible online.

How It Works

Each week, our clients submit their online progress form, identifying nutritional and workout adherence and challenges (either in the gym or with nutrition).

Our trainers review the submission form, document progress, and make changes to the program where necessary (whether with nutrition or workouts).

Additionally, 3 progress photos and measurements are taken weekly to track physical progress and make sure each client is trending towards their goal.

Join Us!

If committing to an in house training program is tough, consider our online personal training program. Our rates are as follows and can be booked via the link below!

  • 1 month $95
  • 3 months $255
  • 6 months $495

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